You have just been blessed by someone with a POP-Card and you need to know what to do next. First, fill out your name, city and state. You can use a nickname or alias for the name if you wish to stay anonymous. The city and state should be where you received the blessing at and not necessarily where you live. If you are visiting a foreign city you should list the city and state you are visiting as long as the blessing happened there. Next, you should type in a valid email address. This email is for notification purposes only. Your email will not be listed for others to see, spam or sold to tele-marketers by POP-Card. Last, briefly tell us about your experience. What blessing did you receive? How did you benefit and how did it make you feel? Do not disclose your plan for the card or too much information about the donator. Focus on the blessing and the good it did.

After you have submitted your blessing and you are waiting for approval, think about who you can bless next. Do your good deed and hand over the card to the recipient of the blessing. If the recipient doesn’t have a computer or internet access, simply tell them to pass on a blessing and the card to someone they want to bless. No blessing is too small. Sometimes a smile or a thank you can go a long way.

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